work accidents were registered in Brazil in 2020


workers died in the same period


deaths for each 100 thousand employees


cases in São Paulo, state that heads the list of work accidents


accidents happened in Minas Gerais, state that comes in second in the rank



In honor of the 272 victims of the collapse of the Córrego do Feijão mine dam

Brumadinho Legacy is a project born of a dream of AVABRUM - Association of Relatives of Victims and People Affected by the Tragedy of the Collapse of the Dam of Córrego do Feijão Mine in Brumadinho (MG, Brazil). The dream is to acknowledge all the lessons learned from the pain of the loss of the 272 human lives, victims of the collapse of the Córrego Feijão mine dam, and build a legacy from them.

To make the dream come true, AVABRUM joined forces with Sabic – Associação dos Amigos das Bibliotecas Comunitárias, which is the project’s director, and brought together several organizations for the development of activities in the fields of education, culture, local development, as well as public and community communication.

The first legacy concerns protecting lives: we talk about work safety and respect to life, so avoidable tragedies such the one of Brumadinho never happen again. That is why this project launches a broad campaign to raise awareness in society concerning this matter. It is a multimedia and multi platform campaign that also aims to reach and involve Brumadinho’s youth in a public and communitarian communication action.

The second legacy encompasses creating opportunities for the people of Brumadinho and its surroundings, so that they look for new paths of development. For this reason the Project offers courses aimed at increasing social organizations, and turned to the youth. Education programs that will support participants in building their life and work projects.

The third legacy is the one of art and culture. We find it fundamental to create moments of sharing ideas, building knowledge, and giving life a new meaning, through art and culture. With that in mind the Project has planned three big cultural events, including seminars and concerts with regional artists and other importante names of Brazilian culture.

The project will benefit, totally free of charge, directly and indirectly, tens of thousands of people in and around the city: a legacy of awareness and educational, artistic, cultural and development opportunities for the region.

To put this dream into practice, AVABRUM spoke with several organizations, which took over the development of the project. Thus, in February 2022, the Legacy of Brumadinho came to life.

It is a project inserted in the fight for justice, memory and finding of the 6 people still buried in the mud.

It also honors the 272 victims of the collapse of the Córrego Feijão mine dam, looking ahead, so that it never happens again. It is a movement for work with respect to life.

Brumadinho was the biggest work accident in Brazil, with 272 deaths, 130 of which were workers and 121 outsourced employees, in addition to 2 unborn children and 19 community residents and tourists.