Headlines of Brumadinho Legacy Project – July/2022

An international network of solidarity and the power of art to move hearts and minds have set the tone of the month of July in the Brumadinho Legacy Project 

Activism for justice

As a result of an international solidarity articulation in favor of the victims of Vale’s dam failure in Brumadinho, the secretary of Department of Political and International Affairs of the Mining Industrial Union, Chemistry and Energy (IGBCE), Michael Wolters, and the director of Chemistry and Pharmaceuticals, Pulp and Paper of IndustriALL Global Union, Tom Grinter, visited Belo Horizonte and Brumadinho, from 7 to 9 of July, to participate in press conferences and talks about the importance of the case against Tüv Süd, that is being held German courts.The mobilization undertaken by activists is in line with the performance of the Legacy of Brumadinho Project, conceived by AVABRUM, so that justice is properly done, so that tragedies like the one in Brumadinho never happen again.

French art in Brumadinho

Another international feature of the Brumadinho Legacy Project of the month was the visit from the french artist Guillaume Legros, also known as Saype. Brumadinho has become one of the 30 cities of the world to receive a painting from the ‘Beyond Walls’ Project, a gigantic work of art done at the Córrego do Feijão football field, showing two hands holding to each other. The idea is to give a new meaning to the place where firefighters used to land helicopters with bodies of victims of the Vale dam collapse in 2019. A place where children used to play, before the tragedy, and later became synonymous with trauma for residents. Now it has become the location for a work of art that evokes holding hands for a fairer world. With this painting, in Minas Gerais, Saype seeks to create national and international repercussions concerning the impacts of mining.

Once Saype’s painting was done, he invited the community of Brumadinho and Córrego do Feijão to join the football field in a huge hug around his painting. The picture of the event, taken from the sky with a drone, made headlines in newspapers across Brazil. Saype ended his trip to Brumadinho attending AVABRUM’S act on the 25th of july, specially in honor of the 3 and half years since the break of the dam. 

* The Brumadinho Legacy Project is carried out with resources allocated by the Management Committee for Moral Damage Collective paid as social compensation for the rupture of the dam in Brumadinho in 25/01/2019, which claimed 272 lives.